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Advocacy Info for Farmers, Agribusinesses & Consumers

A note from MPK…If you’ve come to this page, chances are you’re either an agriculturist who’s frustrated by rhetoric out there about your business or you’re an individual seeking facts about the agrifood business. Whether you’re in the barnyard, boardroom, a rural neighbor or a concerned consumer, I hope you’ll take time to educate yourself and share this information with others. I deeply respect individual opinions about the way animals are raised, grain is grown and food is processed around the world – as long as those opinions are based on actual facts. What concerns me, and the reason I founded Cause Matters Corp., is the lack of voice agriculture has had in combating false information. My goal is to give people the tools to educate others about what happens from the farm gate to the consumer plate.

6 1/2 Steps to Connect the
Cause of Agriculture

1. Who? Identify your target audience.
2. What? Find their hot buttons.
3. Why? Know why agriculture matters!
4. When? One hour once/week.
5. Where? Think global, act local.
6. How? Follow your action plan.
6 1/2. You! Put your own passion to work!


Farm & Ranch Blogs
Are you a food consumer, foodie, mom or chef looking for information about where you food is grown?  Take a look at these blogs by farmers and ranchers.

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Perspective from those working and living in agriculture about the business of raising food, fuel, feed and fiber. Contact MPK to request to add yours.

Food & Nutrition Blogs
List of registered dietitian, professional nutrition and food science blogs.

Ag, Food & Social Media
Why should agriculture care about social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? It’s really quite simple. Mass influence.

Is it real science?
How do you decipher shoddy science?  This page has a variety of resources for you to check if the information you’re getting is junk or not.

Michele’s Blog About Why Agriculture Matters
Read more about why you need to proactively position agriculture, what anti-agriculture activists are up to and other issues related to championing agriculture.

Speaking Programs for Agricultural Audiences

  1. Celebrating Ag:  Motivational keynote (popular to open or close a conference), complete with humorous kickboxing and reasons to celebrate agriculture.
  2. Championing Ag:  Interactive workshop giving attendees 6.5 steps to speak out about their role in the agrifood business!
  3. Farming Your Social Community:  Learn a billion reasons why agriculture needs to engage in online communities and tap into the efficiency of social media.
  4. Farm Like a Girl: Connect through laughter for ladies in agriculture looking at the pink side of farming in a humorous way.
  5. No More Food Fights!:  Learn to reach across the plate and engage in civil conversation about food and farm. 
  6. Authentically Agriculture:  New program to help attendees communicate in both casual conversation and high risk situations through their own authenticity.