Championing Agriculture

Leveraging the Trust Invested in Farmers

“For every $1 the fear profiters spend to spread a scare, it takes $10 to refute it.”
~ Law of Fear Mongering

Feel like consumers don’t understand where their food comes from? Frustrated by the way agriculture is portrayed in the media? Wondering why legislators don’t seem to value the agrifood business?  Agricultural advocacy isn’t about the “warm fuzzies” – it’s about protecting our bottom line.  This program will help leverage the trust invested in farmers and give participants 6.5 easy-to-remember tools to take back to members.

agriculture workshop, farm, farmer, farming, agriculture speaker, professional motivational speaker, agribusiness speakerMichele founded Cause Matters Corp. to give a voice to the people who feed the world – and this is her signature presentation. Re-inspire staff members to help defend the trust consumers have invested in agriculture. Brainstorm ideas about how to more effectively connect agriculture with consumers, the media, teachers, and politicians who are generations removed from our industry!

  • Stand up, step out, and “sell” our cause
  • Understanding hot buttons and why they’re so important to our cause
  • How to successfully influence consumer, political, and media groups
  • Impact of 27,000 + activist groups speaking out against agrifood business

Not only will her lifelong passion and background in agriculture keep your audience on the edge of their seats, Michele’s interactive style will get them out of their seats and talking about their experiences!  This workshop is a great way to excite your audience about new and innovative ways they can use to proactively speak out for agriculture.

Objectives: (will vary depending upon timeframe)

  • Evaluafarm gate, consumer plate, food, farming, agriculture speaker, professional motivational speaker, keynote speakerte agriculture’s failures and successes in telling our story
  • Learn from case studies of anti-ag activist groups
  • Complete a personal action plan that can be used with your members
  • Share agricultural advocacy ideas with other organizations
  • Receive resource list to help you and your members have the arsenal to proactively fight back for agrifood business

“The person who says food is safe is at least as important as the facts being communicated.  Consumers rank farmers as the most  credible on animal care issues” — Iowa State University Sociological Research


Get the tools you need to fight back for agriculture.

Celebrating AgricultureAuthentically Agriculture, and Farm Like a Girl are keynotes that will inspire your meeting attendees to take action with the tools they learn in this workshop. You can also choose from Beyond the Shopping Cart, Farming Your Social Community or Responding to the Rhetoric as training sessions.