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Farming Your Online Community: Social Networks & Beyond

Narrowing the Gap Between the Farm Gate and Consumer Plate

Does the buzz about Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, Ning, Twitter, YouTube and other online communities really matter to agriculture? Absolutely!

Today’s community isn’t happening across the fence, at the end of the driveway or even on Main Street coffee shops.  Time constraints and generational transitions have led to the rapid growth of communities through Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, Ning, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.  Certified Speaking Professional Michele Payn-Knoper has closely monitored the ever-changing social media world and will explain 350 million reasons why agriculture needs to be engaged. You’ll learn from her experience developing online communities and how social networks are impacting popular opinion about food production.

Participants will see a road map to get started with an online community, understand differences between the major sites and how to stake your claim in Web 2.0. You’ll be surprised with your ability to farm online networks efficiently while maintaining your privacy.  As a leader in the agricultural advocacy movement who was one of Mashable’s Top 5 Twitter Users of the Year, Michele believes NOW is the time for ag to engage in online conversations or face the impact of misinformation.   Videos on environmentalism and animal rights are increasing 30% monthly, HSUS has grow 36x in 2009 on Twitter and PETA has tripled in new Facebook fans in the same timeframe.

Know that if you don’t give a voice to agriculture, misinformation from these groups will paint the picture for agriculture’s future.  You’ll learn:

  • 6 social media tools you can use in business
  • Demographics demonstrating social media is not a fad
  • 10 ways to shift public opinion about agriculture through social media
  • Action plan to get started on social networks in a matter of minutes

MPK, Michele Payn-Knoper, social media, computer, agriculture speakerMichele offers this training live for your conference or online as a 60-minute webinar. Reserve this session for an upcoming meeting today! You’ll help your attendees be on the cutting edge with a new tool that narrows the gap between the farm gate and consumer plate.

Outcomes (will vary depending on time frame):

  • Become familiar with the major social networking tools
  • Develop plan for individual involvement in social networks
  • Identify ways to efficiently track anti-agriculture messaging
  • Evaluate role of social media in driving marketing misinformation
  • Determine how to counteract anti-agriculture messaging using social media
Hire MPK to help your audience leverage social networks and web 2.0

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