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Knowing the Source: From Gate to Plate

Get to know the faces behind your food plate

Feel like people don’t understand where their food comes from? Concerned that your clients are confused by the junk science behind food studies? Perplexed about how food is grown? You’re not alone; professionals across the food system are faced with increasing questions about our food supply.

Michele founded Cause Matters Corp. to build a connection from the farm gate to the dinner plate. She’s worked with clients in all facets of the agricultural business and has learned the best way connect the two sides of the plate is to bridge the gap of misunderstanding. She credentialed nutritional professional is critical to educating consumers. Michele stands ready to talk about the battle of biotechnology, the onslaught of organics, antics of animal activists and marketing misinformation.

Learn how to build your knowledge of agriculture with facts about the people & practices behind our food supply. This interactive workshop will lead you through hands-on experiences and you will learn how to:

  • Communicate the food journey to others in a compelling way
  • Identify influencers and the role they play in the food choices we make
  • Find fallacies, facts and the faces of modern agriculture production.
  • Discover trends related to agriculture – and how to interpret them for your clients
  • Connect the farmers and to other food professional – and why the magic is in understanding the connection
  • Understand connections between farm gate and consumer plate – and where you can find farmers to learn more

Michele’s lifelong passion for the agrifood business will give your members a unique perspective on the industry producing food, which impacts you and your clients. Her interactive style gets participants out of their seats and sharing experiences!

Bring MPK’s “Knowing the Source” workshop to your next conference to build food literacy with facts and faces behind the plate.

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